What are the top ERP conferences?


Attending ERP conferences and trade shows give organizations the chance to hear from speakers and vendors helping to highlight the features of specific ERP software.

IT managers and supervisors often attend these conferences to remain updated on the newest ERP technologies, best practices, and resources. Conferences tend to feature seminars and lectures from experts in the field and showcases for the latest ERP software.

You can find dozens of ERP events each year. The problem is deciding which ones to attend.

As you cannot send IT staff to every conference, narrow your search with this guide to the top ERP conferences.


NetSuite SuiteWorld Cloud ERP Conference


The Cloud ERP Conference hosted by NetSuite is held April 20 to 23 in Las Vegas. NetSuite is owned by Oracle, the company behind the most-used ERP systems.

The conference tends to attract cloud-focused ERP vendors and partners, providing a showcase for a wide range of ERP solutions. This will be the 10th SuiteWorld conference.

Organizers have planned over 200 sessions, workshops, and lectures for the conference. It should also bring at least 140 ERP partners.

SuiteWorld is the biggest ERP conference. However, the focus of the conference is placed on the NetSuite line of products.

The ERP partners attending the conference are all Oracle NetSuite vendors. If your organization uses NetSuite or is considering using this ERP system, the conference provides a great opportunity to learn more about the software.


Global Shop Solutions ERP User Conference


Global Shop Solutions focuses on the development of ERP software for the manufacturing industry. The company holds a three-day conference several times per year at its location in Woodlands, Texas.

The conference provides an in-depth exploration of the Global Shop Solutions ERP software. Attendees can learn about the latest features and techniques for getting more use out of the ERP user network.

The three-day conference includes lessons covering every component of the Global Shop Solutions software. This includes lessons on using the dashboards to review analytics, using scheduling features, and generating reports.

By the end of the conference, you should have a full understanding of the ERP software from Global Shop Solutions and how to implement it in your organization.


Acumatica Summit 


Acumatica Cloud ERP offers business management solutions for organizations of all sizes. The company also holds its own summit each year.

The summit is held in Las Vegas. The Cosmopolitan luxury resort is the site of the summit, located in the heart of the Vegas Strip.

As with the Global Shop Solutions conference, the Acumatica Summit focuses on features found in their own software. The summit includes over 60 sessions and workshops.

While the focus is on ERP solutions, the sessions and workshops cover a wide range of business disciplines.

Receive lessons from experts in marketing, sales, and product development. It is also a great networking opportunity. You can discover innovative strategies while connecting with other businesses.


Insights – Epicor Customer Conference


Insights is another conference designed to meet the needs of existing customers. Epicor is a leading developer of ERP software, and the company’s annual conference helps educate customers on the various features and functions of its software.

The conference is held in Nashville at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center. It includes in-depth education courses for an additional fee. The extended education courses provide four hours of individualized training.

Attendees may also pay for one-on-one sessions with Epicor executives to receive personalized training on the software. Learn how to increase your ROI and reduce costs using Epicor ERP software and receive expert insight.

The conference runs from May 3rd through May 6th. However, the extended education courses are offered on the Saturday before the start of the conference.


QAD Explore


QAD Explore is another Las Vegas conference for a specific ERP product. You can receive an immersive tour of QAD software, including the benefits of using this software in the manufacturing industry.

QAD offers a four-day conference between May 11th and the 14th. Attendees can meet with other members of the QAD community and learn how to implement the latest strategies and techniques.

The conference also includes hands-on training sessions with QAD experts and the chance to network with industry professionals.

QAD Explore is a popular conference for those who already use QAD software. If you are not yet a QAD customer, you can contact a vendor to explore the features of this ERP system and implement it before attending the conference.


IQMS User Conference


IQMS provides ERP software geared toward the manufacturing industry. The company’s annual conference offers solutions-based training and covers the best practices for using IQMS software.

The program includes 30 to 90-minute training sessions and 66 total hours of targeted training. You can also attend a hands-on demo lab and receive one-on-one training with IQMS experts.

While the conference focuses on the IQMS ERP system, you can also participate in technical sessions for other brands owned by Dassault Systems – the owner of IQMS software. The more than 300 sessions include training for the 3D EXPERIENCE WORKS Platform and SOLIDWORKS.


Attending Different Types of ERP Events

Conferences are designed to educate and inform attendees. During an ERP conference, you get to learn the latest techniques and practices for enterprise resource planning. However, there are other types of industry events:

  • Summits
  • Seminars
  • Trade shows

As with conferences, summits provide training and instruction. However, summits are often smaller, consisting of a limited group of high-level executives or department heads.

Seminars are smaller in scale compared to summits and conferences, often focusing on one specific topic or ERP software.

Trade shows provide a showcase for products. Instead of lectures and seminars, trade shows consist of vendors promoting various ERP systems and software.

If you want to discover the newest ERP solutions and best practices, attend one of the conferences or ERP events discussed. These events provide a unique chance to learn from experts in the field, helping you and your company get more out of your ERP system.



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