About Us

What is ERP Informer?

ERPInformer.com aims to be the definite resource for ERP Information on the web.

ERPInformer provides unbiased and actionable information to all stakeholders of an ERP. Not just the C-level executives. This includes the buying team, implementation team, vendors, consultants, and the often neglected end-users 🤟

Other sites concentrate only on the initial ERP selection and purchase. Here at ERPInformer we seek to examine the complete journey: from exploring to buying to implementing and to maintaining.

Yep, we call out the maintenance of ERP. Sustaining the live system is where the bulk of time and effort is spent.

Implementing ERP is just the beginning, that’s the easy part 😎

Why another site about ERP?

ERP Informer was formed because we believed that the currently available information was lacking and didn’t do the ERP area the justice it deserved.

Even though ERP systems dominate the enterprise software landscape it wasn’t easy to find useful and truthful information.

Who are ERP Informer?

Can we deliver on our aims?

We founded ERP Informer as a diverse group of ERP professionals and industry veterans, so we believe we possess the requisite experience.

Will we deliver on our aims?

Only time will and ultimately you will decide.

Next Steps

Ah good old Enterprise Resource Systems, love them or hate them, we hope you find the information you need at ERPInformer.com.

Whatever your role, whether you are a user, beginner, potential customer, existing customer, vendor or other partner let us know how we are driving.